BIGACE Plugins 

A full list of these Plugins with documentation can also be found in the documentation.

Zend Templates (v3)

Name Description
Blix v3 The BIGACE v2 default theme, now available as update for Bigace v3
Emplode A two column template by

Language packs

Name Description
Croatian Croatian translations for BIGACE
Dutch Dutch translations for BIGACE
Finnish Finnish translations for BIGACE
Italian Italian translations for BIGACE
Portuguese Portuguese translation (Brazilian Portuguese)
Russian Russian translations for BIGACE
Slovenian Slovenian translations for BIGACE
Spanish Spanish translations for BIGACE
Swedish Swedish translations for BIGACE
Turkish Turkish translations for BIGACE


Name Description
Audio Player An audio player plugin for MP3 playback.
Comments A Blogging style Extension to enable your visitors to leave a comment. Gravatar support for user images and Askimet support for spam fighting.
News BLOGGING: Create and manage News in unlimited categories, including RSS Feed and multiple extra Smarty TAGs for displaying them.
Securimage Captcha A captcha solution to replace the default captcha framework, which is delivered with each BIGACE installation.
SEO The SEO extension is a package of tools and Smarty TAGs. It is meant to easify your life, making BIGACE more search engine friendly.
Smarty Extension to allow Smarty templates in Bigace v3. This is especially interesting for people migrating from a previous Bigace 2.x version and for all who want to be able to edit templates/stylesheets through the administration.
Smileys The Smileys plugin has a lot of (animated) Smiley icons and a Smarty modifier for easy template usage.
Social Bookmarks Displays some nice social bookmarking buttons.
YouTube Plugin to easily include YouTube Videos in your content.

Smarty Templates

Name Description
Andreas 02 Number 2 of Andreas Viklunds great and free Website Templates, ported for BIGACE as Smarty Template.
Andreas 03 Number 3 of Andreas Viklunds great Website Templates, ported for BIGACE as Smarty Template.
Andreas 07 Number 7 of Andreas Viklunds great Website Templates, ported for BIGACE as Smarty Template.
Andreas 08 Number 8 (Ignore the Trends) of Andreas Viklunds great Website Templates, ported for BIGACE as Smarty Template.
Antique_Modern A beautiful design taken from and ported for BIGACE as Smarty Template
Bike-Riders A smarty template for biking websites with a drop-down menu.
Blix v2 The BIGACE default Smarty theme.
Compromised This is Compromise, a free, fully standards-compliant CSS template designed by Free CSS Templates.
CrystalX Port of the free Nuvio web template.
Dreamy Beautyful Smarty design taken from Nice background and header graphics and two level navigation.
Ecobusiness Beautiful free design by Studio7Designs, ported for BIGACE as Smarty Template.
Fashionista A beautiful and simple Smarty design from dreamLogic.
Free Style A punk-style Smarty Template. Currently ONLY available as test/beta version.
Lotusflower A free css template for Bigace.
Music-Website A Music-Website template with a 5 top-level-links menu and a simple one-column content page.
Refreshed Simple but beautiful Smarty design taken from It has only one navigation level for small websites.
Silver Side A nifty grey Smarty Design, perfect for small company sites.
SilverGlow A simple, yet beautiful clear and bright template.
Technobabble A beautiful and simple Smarty design from dreamLogic.
Translucent Fluidity A port of Arwen54's Translucent Fluidity Theme


Name Description
Contact Mail Formular This modul displays a simple contact mail formular.
FAQ A Frequently Asked Questions Plugin, with multiple category support.
Fotogallery This module renders a list of image thumnbnails, linked to one category. On click, the image is shown full size, as overlay. Uses LightBox JS.
Guestbook A full featured Guestbook with Captcha, Info Email, Blacklist, Admin Panel and many module settings.
IFrame The IFrame modul displays an Iframe with configurable URL, width, height and border.
Photo Album A HTML based Photo album that displays all images of a category. Can easily be styled with CSS. Has a detail page for each image, where the Image description is displayed.
RSS Feed Reader The RSS News Feed Reader is a BIGACE modul that replaces the pages content by a view configured on RSS Newsfeeds.
Sitemap This Sitemap Plugin displays two level of pages in a tree-like structure with node levels.
Sitemap 2 This sitemap modul displays a configurable menu tree as sitemap.
Submenu Preview This module lists all submenus of the current visitied page with their name and description, including an arrow image as link to the pages.
Tip of the Day Tip of the Day is an extension, which displays a random message, consisting of a title, link and text. Includes a module and a smarty tag for easy integration.


Name Description
FCKeditor The FCKeditor is a cross-browser WYSIWYG HTML Editor, which is bundled with Bigace.
FileManager FileManager is an Editor AddOn, which gives much more flexibility for linking and image integration.
TinyMCE Editor TinyMCE Editor for use with BIGACE. The TinyMCE Editor is another Cross-Browser WYSIWYG Editor. Can be used as FCKeditor replacement.


Name Description
LDAP This Authenticator is a pluggable authentication system, giving you the opportunity to authenticate BIGACE at your LDAP.


Name Description
API Documentation Bigace PHP Documentation as multiple HTML files for offline usage.
Experimental This package holds experimental versions of several upcoming extensions.
FirePHP The FirePHP extension lets you send all BIGACE and PHP related log messages to the Firebug (a Firefox extensions) console.
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