BLOGGING: Create and manage News in unlimited categories, including RSS Feed and multiple extra Smarty TAGs for displaying them.

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Version Beschreibung kompatibel mit BIGACE Datum
2.2 Upgraded to be used with BIGACE v3 only
  • Merged Comments and News extension into one!
  • using proper sanitizing methods
  • configurable amount of items on News-Home
  • RSS Feeds in UTF-8
  • fixed broken feed in case of a missing or deleted image
  • lookup ip behind proxy through forwarded-for header
3.0 26.07.2015
  • Added Russian language
  • UTF-8 encoding of date strings
2.7.5 04.06.2011
1.6 Use language dependent image/link chooser
2.7.5 24.01.2011
  • using content filters 2.7.5
  • translations for templates
  • html improvements in templates
2.7 22.01.2011
  • translation improvements for 2.7
  • improved admin interface
  • fixed rss link and homepage url
  • abbility to delete assigned news image
2.7 20.01.2011

Please update all links to your RSS feed by using Smarty TAG {link_news_rss} and then delete /addon/rss/news.php OR use {metatags} in your template.

  • moved News Admin Plugin
  • moved RSS feed to /plugins/news/rss.php
  • moved jscalendar to /plugins/news/jscalendar/
  • added xmlrpc.php and
  • auto-include comments include if comment plugin is loaded
  • show comment counter only if comment plugin is loaded
  • using new admin styles
  • displays RSS feed automatically when using {metatags} tag in your template
2.6 05.05.2009
  • Hide/publish news
  • using new css classes
  • Fixed RSS utf8 bug
  • Fixed whitespace bug
  • Sitename in rss feed
2.5 22.03.2009
  • fixed bug with BIGACE 2.5
  • fixed date problem in RSS feed
  • choose and siplay time of news creation
  • changed some icons for more usability
  • display whether news are unreleased (hidden) or released
2.5 20.08.2008
  • do not set module on update news, cause it might have changed in between by manually setting it via menu admin
  • support unique name pattern, to create news at a default path/location
  • preview link
  • do not save image with id 0 if none was set (fix includes also changes in bigace, will not work before 2.5!)
  • added RSS Atom 2.0 feed to display latest items (customizable via Template)
2.4 02.04.2008
  • added news date (and javascript popup) to assign a date instead of using the createdate
  • added option to {news_category} and {news_categories} to render HTML inside Smarty TAG for easy usage
  • auto assign the news category id to each new and udpated news
2.4 01.02.2008
0.8 Moved News Archiver to own Extension 2.4 01.01.2008

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